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Information for school representatives


The data of our general secondary education institution was entered incorrectly. What to do?

If the data of your general secondary education institution is entered incorrectly on our website, please provide us with all the correct information (full and abbreviated name, region, district and address, telephone number of the contact person) to school@florium.ua.

Can the school receive more than 10,000 bulbs and will it be able to use the funds raised differently than the project envisages?

Schools do not end up receiving funds for their personal accounts, but only flower bulbs that they can plant. At this stage, the maximum number of bulbs for one school is 10,000.

Our institution is not on the website, but it belongs to general secondary education institutions

If your general secondary education institution is not listed on our website, please provide us with all the necessary information (full and abbreviated name, region, district and address) by sending a message to the Contacts for School Representatives section. Also, be sure to write in the "Your message" field that it is not on our website.

Our school is currently occupied/in the area of hostilities/destroyed. What should we do?

Those AFUs that are currently under occupation, destroyed or in the war zone are not on the site. However, when their activities are restored, we will definitely add them to the site and they will be available for fundraising.

How are the funds raised for the region and the project as a whole distributed?

If a donation is made to a specific school, it is automatically credited to its account. If the funds are accrued for the region or the project as a whole, they will be distributed among those schools that have not raised the required amount on their own.

When will the bulbs be sent and how will the school be notified?

Flower bulbs will be sent in October-November 2023 directly to the school. You will be notified in advance before the shipment.

How will it be checked whether schools have planted flower bulbs?

Each school has a contact person through whom we will send and control the delivery. Also, upon receipt, each school will report on the receipt with photos and videos. We will be able to see the main result in the spring of 2024, when all schools in Ukraine will be covered in tulips.

Can educational institutions other than schools participate in the project?

Unfortunately, no. This year, the project is designed only for general secondary education institutions.

How is the bulb procurement process going and what kind of bulbs will it be?

The purchases are made in the Netherlands, directly from producers. These will be high-quality tulip bulbs of various varieties and colors.

When and how is it best to plant bulbs?

The best period for planting tulip bulbs in the ground is October-November-December, and this is when the shipment will be made. You will definitely receive instructions with all the necessary information about the rules of planting and care.

What should we do after our school received and planted the flower bulbs?

After the school receives its box with bulbs, it is necessary to make a photo report of the planting of bulbs, which will be carried out by students under the supervision of teachers. Post all materials on social media under the hashtag #flowersforschool

Transferring funds


Is it possible to return my charitable contribution?

Charitable donations are non-refundable. Please check the information you have entered before transferring funds.

Where can I find the official accounts of the foundation?

The Foundation raises funds only on the official website of the project: https://flowers4school.com/ . Do not trust individuals who send you third-party card numbers or bank accounts.

Card transfer does not work

Please try again after a certain period of time, or check your own card and raise the payment limit. You can also always make an IBAN transfer to a bank account.

Other questions


Where can I view the foundation's constituent documents?

The foundation's constituent documents are available here:

Our company wants to be a partner of the project, where to go?

Please send your request to cooperation@florium.ua

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